The New Age of Advertising


It’s strange to think that no less than 122 years ago, the type of advertising a person was exposed to in daily life consisted of a hand-painted portrait of a young lady holding a dainty glass of “Coca-Cola”.

Fast-forward to today and you have Times Square, Manhattan. Home of… billboards? Well, for most people not actually living in America, this is what it would appear to consist of. Neon signs, gigantic letters and pictures advertising everything from fashion to consumer goods. As a consumer, you have to ask yourself, “Does this blatant circus-show actually work?” How would one advertisement actually get noticed in all that tumult? Perhaps if we made it flash?

Fortunately, the event of the world wide web has changed many things in our modern lives, most, for the better. For example, instead of resorting to paging through a 15 centimeter thick, mildewy telephone book, a person can simply hop onto any of the many search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ananzi) that instantly yield many results on any given topic. (more…)